Online Tarot Readings and Consultations


One hour sessions $100, One and half hours $140, Two hours $180




My Tarot Readings are intuitive, integrative, therapeutic, in-depth, and Spirit Guided. They are client centered. I provide loving and supportive insight into your issues, problems, blockages and counsel – practically, psychologically, and spiritually – and how to become conscious of your conditioned scripts, change your perception of self, realise your potential, and get the most out of your life. If it is simply an issue about which you would like clarity or an ongoing problem that you would like to understand and overcome, or a more wholistic healing session, this One Hour Tarot Session will provide comfort, insight, and guidance. As an Empath and Spiritual Counsellor, I can assist you on your life’s path to the Embrace of The Beloved Within. Meet with me via Skype for a personal, loving, nourishing, supportive, healing, and insightful journey into your soul. Be rejuvenated. Healed. Awakened. Re-ignited. Beloved.

For more information please don’t hesitate to write or speak with me via the ‘Contact‘ page.

Deep and joyful blessings on your path…with gratitude, Kim Echammaal Coull

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One Hour, One and Half Hours, Two Hours