“The Beloved’s Embrace”: A Guided Meditation for Self Love and Divine Consummation (MP3)


22 minutes

The Beloved's Embrace Sample Version:



“The Beloved’s Embrace” is a guided meditation that will help nurture unconditional and Divine Love for yourself. It will bring The Beloved Within intimately close and is designed to lovingly re-programme the self-negating, ongoing scripts of childhood and heal the separation of your Soul from your True Nature. In a deeply personal journey that will bring you into the Arms of The Beloved Within – into a Divine Consummation – this meditation allows the healing space to experience the merging and realisation of Yourself as That Which You Seek: your True Self (no matter what you call this Energy or what your Psychological or Spiritual Path). Listen to this meditation whenever you feel alone or lost in self-criticism, or just in need of solace: whenever you need embrace, whenever you need to merge with the Infinite and feel the Eternal Love and Light and Bliss of Your Being. May the Beloved be always with you.

The music is composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Mixed at Sovereign Studios

Deepest blessings on the path…
Kim Echammaal Coull.